SPACE X / Falcon 9 / Dragon Ship


 Anything spacex flacon 9 etc, Can be very difficult, Just because there are SO MANY different missions and configurations!  I have MANY different designs that  Ive done for people in the past and EVERY last one of them is TOTALLY different.  So  there are literally DOZENS of possibilities!

SO IF you need a set for  your  Falcon 9  or space X rocket, this is what I can do. BEFORE you contact me, PLEASE gather information on the rocket you are building, and the MISSION/ROCKET you want to recreate! sizes  design images etc..

IF you have a SIM file send that (makes it really easy for me) OR a NICE SQUARE SIDE VIEW PICTURE of what you have built or mocked up with information like TUBE SIZES etc  Diameters   lengths  fin area  etc.

Then If you can find images of the Actual rocket you are trying to duplicate, this way I can see what graphics need to be on the set. Once i have that I can start to build you a custom set..  THE image   shown on this page is the BEST kind of image   and there seems to be LOTS of them out there.. REMEMBER I don’t know what you want to build I don’t keep up on Space x mission  so you need to SHOW me what you would like!   If there are Mission decals  etc and you have a link to them or an image of them , Send them,  this will again help in the design process.

 Also   tell me what you have in mind..    such as “I need 2 large space X logos   1 small one..   4 NASA meatballs..  etc etc etc     again this will get us to a design  as quickly  as possible!

MOST Spacex type rockets I do, we end up full color printing them so I do have a MINIMUM setup and print fee of $25.00 this gets you about 2 square feet of printed decals..

My design time is $50.00 an hour BUT I include 30 mins with any order free.. SO the MORE information you can give me the faster I can create a set that will work for you!! meaning it will cost you less in the long run.. IF you do get the information I requested I can USUALLY create a design in that 30 mins!

Thank you  for understanding,  once you have this information PLEASE send an E-mail to  and ATTACH (please try not to embed images in the e-mail. it degrades the images)  any images  or files you have and I will get back to you as soon as possible!