About Us

Stickershock23.com  was founded in late 2007 completely by accident.

The Owners, Mark and Marian Hayes,  have been rocket addicts since they were very young. Mark started building and flying rockets with his dad when he was about eight years old, and
it stuck with him through his entire life. Marian got interested in rockets after meeting Mark, and it just went crazy from there.

They are both TRA-certified high power rocketeers. Mark got his LIII certification in 2005 flying his scratch-built, 10" diameter Mercury Redstone. (You can see the video of the build
and flight here. )

Mark and Marian  were married in 2004 at Rockstock, Southern California's  biggest launch, right on the flight line with all their friends flying rockets when they said: "I do."

A year later, they had a son, Jayden, who is as crazy as his dad is about rockets. Jayden flew his first rocket when he was just weeks old!

Stickershock started on a whim. One day, Mark was doing his thing: building an upscale of an old Estes kit {one of his favorites scaled up 300%),  but had no idea where to get decals to finish the job. After trying to make them by hand (and failing miserably), He got together with a neighbor who made "wall quotes" and other artsy decals from home. He asked her
if she could upscale the stock decals, and a couple of hours later, she did.

The second he saw the decals, Mark knew that every rocketeer needed these and stickershock23.com was born.!

Stickershock23.com has been through some great times and some rough times, including when Marian was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.  With the help and prayers of friends and the rocketry community, Marian is now in remission and beating cancer. Thanks to everyone who helped her through this!

Stickershock23.com has made literally thousands of decals for rocketeers all over the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, England and much more.  Stickershock decals have been on rockets big and small,  for kids, families and even NASA projects, including the Max Launch Abort system. Stickershock decals have been featured on rockets appearing on the TV shows like "LDRS Large dangerous rocket ships" and more.

Today, you can custom order anything from simple lettering to full rocket wraps and more.

Thanks to everyone that has helped to make Stickershock everything it is today. And remember, never fly naked!