Is my decal guaranteed to fit?

We guarantee our decals will fit your tube, based on the circumference you provide to us when ordering. If for whatever reason your decal still doesn’t fit, we will do what it takes to resolve the issue and get you a new one, so long as you have checked the box stating that you have read the instructions for determining your circumference and have done so correctly, and provided us with that circumference. Orders made without providing a specific circumference or verifying that you have read the instructions for how to determine the circumference of your tube will not be guaranteed, so if they don’t fit, you will be responsible for re-measuring and re-purchasing a replacement decal.

PLEASE NOTE:    vinyl graphics are designed to  go on MANY surfaces and shapes.. they  CAN AND WILL stretch shrink expand etc  and can  do so with TEMPERATURE changes..   I will do my best to match  your circumference. BUT do to these  things  you have to understand  I can only get them so close!

Category: Circumference