Black Brant II


This set  is designed so you paint your rocket ALL BLACK  the decals do the rest!   PLEASE NOTE:  the  bt 55 and 60 set  the  small lettering is scaled up a small amount  to make them  cuttable Black Brant II


Actual Body Tube Circumference

Confirm Circumference * 

I confirm that I have read the “What is Circumference and How Do I Find It?” and that I have either selected or entered the exact circumference of my body tube. If I have not done so and my decal is the wrong size, I will be responsible for the cost to reprint my decal at the correct size.


Select the diameter that is closest to your body tube size based on your actual circumference.  I CAN  make   larger than 7.5″  please contact me for these options. To find your actual circumference, please see “What is circumference and how do I find it?”

Additional information


Full Set, Lettering and Logo Only

Body Tube Diameter

BT 60 (1.637 Inches), 1.36 Inches (BT55), 2 Inches, 2.6 Inches, 3 Inches, 4 Inches, 5.5 Inches, 6 Inches, 7.5 Inches