The KING VIPER III   is a HUGE set of decals(IT FULLY WRAPS THE UPPER TUBES), I offer it TWO WAYS.   first Standard printed vinyl. NO lamination.  (this may be  more difficult to apply and WILL NEED A CLEAR COAT TO PROTECT THE INK FROM SCRATCHING AND FADING)  Second way is Printed on AUTOMOTIVE WRAP WITH A CLEAR UV LAMINATION.  this includes AIR EGRESS to allow air to escape during application and makes it easy to LIFT and re- apply  during application.  Making  a MUCH easier application  and better results!




PLEASE NOTE:  I can create ANY  of the Loc decals  in almost ANY UPSCALE OR DOWNSCALE you can imagine! Just  CONTACT ME I can also customize this set to match your needs!  (design time and custom charges may apply) Is licensed to use and sell ALL LOC’s  Artwork © Yank Aerospace  Used with permission


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Automotive wrap WITH UV Lamination, Standard Vinyl no lamiantion