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As you know, most Stickershock decals are made of cut vinyl like those used in professional sign making. But we can do more than just that. We also do FULL COLOR PRINTED decals!

Full color printed decals are just that – they are printed onto high quality automotive wrap vinyl. This is what you see on cars and trucks, that are like rolling advertisements. They are not limited by size (big or small) or color (anything in the RGB or CMYK color scale) or any combination of these.

So what does this mean to you?  It means if you want something that makes your rocket stand out, something that says, “Hey, look at me!” this is the way to do it.

Here are a couple examples of what can me done.

So how does it work.?

Of course, full color printed decals are a little more costly than a simple cut vinyl decal, but you get so much more – full rainbow of colors, easy to apply, and a clear UV lamination to protect the colors
from scratching and fading.


So, if you decide you want to try out a full color printed wrap, here’s how it works.

First, contact me and tell me what rocket you have. Maybe include a Rocsim/open rocket file of your design, or even a simple drawing showing tube sizes (circumference too) tube lengths, nose cone length and fin sizes, a scan of a fin with a ruler next to it works really well for that.

Next, give me your thoughts on the design. Anything from “I want this” and include a picture,  or if you are not sure, at least tell me the rocket’s name,  the colors you want, and a theme if you have one. From there, it is all up to me! Remember, this can be anything! Tell me, “I want flames and smoke and it’s name is ‘Next stop hell’,”  or say, “I like butterflies and rainbows.” Remember, the limit is your and my imagination! The better your ideas, the more creative I can be in making it come to life!


All full color printed decals are priced like this: First, there is a minimum printed “order/setup fee” of $35.00. This includes 2.0  square feet of printed decal  cut to shape with a clear UV lamination and it includes the first 30 mins of design time! That’s typically enough time for me to come up with a first draft of the design.  If you need simple changes, that’s included too. Such as, “Perfect, but make the letters blue,”   or, “Make the background darker.”  After that, design time will be $50.00 an hour.

Printed decals run between $15.00 and $18.00 a square foot depending on a few things. I will discuss this with you  before anything final or anything is billed.

So maybe you want a wrap  but don’t want to put out the money. Thats ok, we can do that too. We can still do single color cut vinyl wraps. We have done simple flames and a name, which are very popular. Or, we can do checkerboards or fading checkerboards. I have done Dragon/snake Scales  or diamond patterns and more!
These are priced starting at about $10.00 a foot just to give you an idea!


So, you’ve seen them,  you know you want one, it’s all up to you now! Just send me an e-mail and tell me what we can wrap for you today! And remember “Never fly Naked!”