Body Tube Diameter is for UPPER SUSTAINER TUBE.. 

PLEASE NOTE:   what is listed here IS the smallest I can make (even this size is very difficult to cut)  DO NOT request them any smaller …   3″  for the upper  about 2″  for the lower , I just can’t do it.  If you DO need them smaller please e-mail me to discuss other  options.


Upper tube diameter

Please tell me the ACTUAL upper tube Diameter

Booster tube Size

Please tell me the approx. Diameter of your 4 booster tubes

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Select the diameter that is closest to your body tube size based on your actual circumference. To find your actual circumference, please see “What is circumference and how do I find it?”

3.25″ TLP set is  designed to fit  “The Launch Pads”  Nike Hercules .   Tube diameter is  the SUSTAINER tube  diam. (upper tube)

Additional information

Body Tube Diameter

TLP 3.25 Inch, 3 Inches, 4 Inches, 5.5 Inches, 7.5 Inches