FAQ’s/How to’s

Stickershock now offers decal protection unlike anyone else! If you install any Stickershock decal on any rocket and you crash it, Cato it or accidentally run over it with your recovery vehicle, Stickershock23.com will replace that decal for half the cost of the original decal!

To qualify, send us a copy of your receipt (when you get it, stick it in your range box, or someplace safe), a picture of your damaged rocket, your fill name and shipping information, and your email address or other contact information to receive half off the original price on any replacement decal. (Printed decals will be replaced, but the $20.00 minimum setup fee still applies.) Once this is received, we will contact you and arrange payment and shipping!

Please note that stickershock23.com will not cover decals from rockets that are lost or stolen, or damaged from improper use. Decals that come off during supersonic flights will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any decal used on anything other than a rocket (i.e. cars, boats, trailers, etc.) are not covered under this warranty.


Vinyl Decals