Why am I asked to provide a circumference?

Most rocketry body tubes are standard sizes, but some people either don’t use a standard tube, add fiberglass to them or have an odd-sized tube to start with. For that reason, we cannot be sure what size your rocket tube is unless you tell us. There are just way too many different possible sizes to list them all. By entering your circumference, we can match your decal to your rocket tube <strong>exactly</strong>. If you do not enter a circumference, we will assume your tube is standard sized (like LOC or PML) and make your decals to fit. If you choose not to provide a circumference and your decal doesn’t end up fitting your rocket, it will <strong>not</strong> be covered under warranty!  You may also enter  “wildman tube”  or “madcow thin wall fiberglass”  or similar.if it is a standard tube  with nothing special done to it (no extra fiberglass.. just simple paint etc)

PLEASE NOTE: vinyl  graphics ESPECIALLY WRAP VINYL (full color printed)  are designed to  go on curved  or complex curved  items.. this means they CAN STRETCH SHRINK EXPAND ETC. TEMPERATURE  WILL ALSO EFFECT THIS.  so  getting a wrap  around a rocket to fit 100%  is almost impossible.  I WILL DO MY BEST to match your numbers   with a little overlap  but there is  some about of things I cannot  compensate for..  BUT by entering your TRUE circumference  gets you as close as humanly possible!

What is circumference and how do I find it?

Circumference is the distance around the outside of a circle – or in our case, a tube. It is calculated by multiplying pi times the diameter.


Circle Circumference Diameter
Circle Circumference Diameter


In rocketry, there are so many different sized tubes out there. Just because a tube is advertised as a 2″ tube doesn’t mean it’s actually 2″. Some manufacturers’ 2″ tubes are actually 1.9″ (like Aerotech). Estes made a BT67 that was 2.02″ and a BT70 that was 2.217″. For a long time, standard 5.5″ tube was actually 5.38″, for example. For this reason, there are far too many circumference sizes to list each one, so we ask you to provide a circumference.

PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER  WHAT A TUBE IS ADVERTISED TO BE IS ALMOST NEVER CORRECT!  it may say its a 4″ tube  but chances are  its either  3.91  or 4.12″  (these are BOTH very common)

When finding your circumference, DO NOT simply “do the math” or use calipers to take your measurement then do the math. More often than not, you’ll squeeze the tube (even just a tiny bit) when measuring diameter/radius, which will give you the wrong number right from the get-go and your math will be wrong, ACTUALLY IT WILL MULTIPLY YOUR SMALL ERROR BY 3.1415  NOW making it a HUGE error.  (if you  squeeze your tube  just 1/8″  you will be off by almost 1/2″  when doing the math!!!!) . Instead, please physically wrap something (such as a piece of paper, tape or measuring tape) around your tube, mark it, and measure it to get an exact circumference. (THIS METHOD WILL ALWAYS BE CORRECT EVEN IF YOU SMASH THE TUBE BY 2 INCHES!)  Then, when you make your order, select the closest Diameter size listed and then enter your exact circumference measurement! That way, we can adjust the decal size to fit your tube exactly!

IF your tube is a standard tube with no extra fiberglass or super thick paint etc. you can enter ” MADCOW THINWALL FIBERGLASS” or “PML PHENOLIC TUBE” etc I do have measurements for MOST standard HIGH POWER tubes. BUT entering your TRUE Circumference will ALWAYS give you the BEST matched decal for your rocket.


Is my decal guaranteed to fit?

We guarantee our decals will fit your tube, based on the circumference you provide to us when ordering. If for whatever reason your decal still doesn’t fit, we will do what it takes to resolve the issue and get you a new one, so long as you have checked the box stating that you have read the instructions for determining your circumference and have done so correctly, and provided us with that circumference. Orders made without providing a specific circumference or verifying that you have read the instructions for how to determine the circumference of your tube will not be guaranteed, so if they don’t fit, you will be responsible for re-measuring and re-purchasing a replacement decal.

PLEASE NOTE:    vinyl graphics are designed to  go on MANY surfaces and shapes.. they  CAN AND WILL stretch shrink expand etc  and can  do so with TEMPERATURE changes..   I will do my best to match  your circumference. BUT do to these  things  you have to understand  I can only get them so close!