This set  is a replica  of the ESTES  Phoenix Missile decal set.  I DO THIS SET FULL COLOR PRINTED ON WHITE OR CLEAR  VINYL.  and offer it in  2.6 like the original  or  up and down scaled versions.  prices reflect minimum setup and print fees.  Please note   Sets printed on CLEAR are not fully opaque. this is best  to use on white or very light painted  colors only. YELLOW stripes will be hard to see if placed OVER a darker  color.  Clear Coat is HIGHLY recommended!

This set is ALSO PERFECT for the  new LOC 2.6 Phoenix

For LARGER sets  please  check out my CUT vinyl ULTIMATE set  HERE


Actual Body Tube Circumference

Confirm Circumference * 

I confirm that I have read the “What is Circumference and How Do I Find It?” and that I have either selected or entered the exact circumference of my body tube. If I have not done so and my decal is the wrong size, I will be responsible for the cost to reprint my decal at the correct size.


Select the diameter that is closest to your body tube size based on your actual circumference. To find your actual circumference, please see “What is circumference and how do I find it?”

PLEASE NOTE    Price for the smaller set reflect my MINIMUM setup and print fee I will include more than one sets  on 2.6″ and smaller.   IF you have other FULL COLOR PRINTED DECALS  you want. contact me first we may be able to comine them and save you  part of that fee!

Additional information

Body Tube Diameter

BT 50 (.976 Inches), BT 55 (1.325 Inches), BT 60 (1.637 Inches), BT 80 (2.6 Inches), 3 Inches, 4 Inches



Stripe Colors

Brown & Yellow (live), Blue and yellow (Inert)