Why am I asked to provide a circumference?

Most rocketry body tubes are standard sizes, but some people either don’t use a standard tube, add fiberglass to them or have an odd-sized tube to start with. For that reason, we cannot be sure what size your rocket tube is unless you tell us. There are just way too many different possible sizes to list them all. By entering your circumference, we can match your decal to your rocket tube <strong>exactly</strong>. If you do not enter a circumference, we will assume your tube is standard sized (like LOC or PML) and make your decals to fit. If you choose not to provide a circumference and your decal doesn’t end up fitting your rocket, it will <strong>not</strong> be covered under warranty!  You may also enter  “wildman tube”  or “madcow thin wall fiberglass”  or similar.if it is a standard tube  with nothing special done to it (no extra fiberglass.. just simple paint etc)