Can I add a clear coat over the vinyl?

Yes! A clear coat will help to smooth out your vinyl decals and will seal them into the rocket. It will help keep them from being damaged or the edges from peeling when handled often. Clear coat like you would anything – adding several thin layers is best. For better finish, sand lightly between coats. As with any paint or clear coat, it’s best to test first to make sure things are compatible. Just ask, and we’d be happy to send a piece of scrap with your order to test with!

What if I need a printed decal?

No problem, we can do those too! Printed decals are printed versions of any color or combination of colors, halftones, etc. We can print from most any file type and scale it as needed. Printed decals are a little more expensive if you only need one, but they look great and again, last a lifetime. Printed decals are also awesome if you need a club logo or anything like that. Printing small decals in larger numbers is actually cheaper! So <a href=”/contact/”>contact us</a> if you need a club logo or something similar!

Do you do water slide decals?

No, at this time, we do not offer water slide decals. Please take this into consideration when making a purchase.

What color decals do you offer?

We offer decals in black, white, silvery grey, maroon, red, orange, yellow, alien green, dark green, light blue, royal blue, pink, purple, chrome, gold chrome and gold metallic. We also offer yellow green, dark orange and dark blue. These are our standard colors, but we also have other “exotic” colors available, which may be subject to an additional charge, such as purple chrome and laser cut holographic. If you need something special, we can order it, too! Please <a href=”/contact/”>contact us</a> for these options.

How do I install my decal?

Installing Vinyl decals is pretty easy, But it make take a  little  to get used to how they apply. they are different then a lot of other types of decals. I HIGHLY recommend you watch the videos below , they have some GREAT tips tricks and methods.

CUT DECALS: Your decal will come with a backing (just like any peel and stick decal) and an application tape laid over it. The application tape (or backing tape) holds the decal together as one piece for easy installation. It also allows you to use a brandishing tool (such as a bondo spreader or even a credit card) to squeeze the decal down and work out bubbles without touching the decal. Once satisfied, the backing tape peels off to expose your new decal.

PRINTED WRAPS:   Please watch the videos  below for the BEST way to apply these.


Any questions PLEASE dont hesitate to contact me!



(Please note:  they mention application spray..     this is for decals 1/2″   or larger.   smaller decals application spray will make them  harder to  apply.  the spray is to allow things to  move until fully  pressed on.  you can BUY  spray  I like “RAPID TAC”  which is available in small bottles  from most sign supply places. and ebay   OR you can use a windex type bottle full of warm water and a few drops of dish soap.  just enough to get some suds… this will work fine   in most all cases!



How to wrap a nose cone


Having Trouble removing the backing?? Tips to make it easy!


More tips on wrapping

How does the Crash Protection Warranty work?

Stickershock now offers decal protection unlike anyone else! If you install any Stickershock decal on any rocket and you crash it, Cato it or accidentally run over it with your recovery vehicle, will replace that decal for half the cost of the original decal!

To qualify, send us a copy of your receipt (when you get it, stick it in your range box, or someplace safe), a picture of your damaged rocket, your fill name and shipping information, and your email address or other contact information to receive half off the original price on any replacement decal. (Printed decals will be replaced, but the $20.00 minimum setup fee still applies.) Once this is received, we will contact you and arrange payment and shipping!

Please note that will not cover decals from rockets that are lost or stolen, or damaged from improper use. Decals that come off during supersonic flights will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any decal used on anything other than a rocket (i.e. cars, boats, trailers, etc.) are not covered under this warranty.