How do I install my decal?

Installing Vinyl decals is pretty easy, But it make take a  little  to get used to how they apply. they are different then a lot of other types of decals. I HIGHLY recommend you watch the videos below , they have some GREAT tips tricks and methods.

CUT DECALS: Your decal will come with a backing (just like any peel and stick decal) and an application tape laid over it. The application tape (or backing tape) holds the decal together as one piece for easy installation. It also allows you to use a brandishing tool (such as a bondo spreader or even a credit card) to squeeze the decal down and work out bubbles without touching the decal. Once satisfied, the backing tape peels off to expose your new decal.

PRINTED WRAPS:   Please watch the videos  below for the BEST way to apply these.


Any questions PLEASE dont hesitate to contact me!