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Rocketry Military

                              Richard Evan's                                                 Andrew Coook's
                  Nike Smoke                         Little john

                                                                                              Now available two ways

                    Frank Burke's                                        Craig Rutherford's
              PERSHING I                     AGM 78/RIM67A
                  And Pershing II                      BOTH AVAILABLE NOW!


                       Trip Lillinton's                                            Ken Lord's
      Honest John          AIM 53 Phoenix  
Now available TWO WAYS                                 
Tim Robinson's Patriot Missile           AQM37A Jayhawk 
                                                                           Jan Kersten's Scratch built 3"
    Now available 3 awesome ways

Michael Gross'  Aim 9 sidewinder       Mike Crupe's Bullpup
                     Greg Eberly's   
    Aim120 AMRAAM                     Tomahawk Cruise Missile

      AIM7 SPARROW              Paul Turenne's HARM 88    

           Alex Zoghan's                      John Pawelec's The Launch pad kit
     AGM 84 HARPOON                               AIM 4 FALCON

                       Tom Guysten's                                            Leslie Walden's
Maverick Missile               US Army Hawk

                David Szympruch                                               Paul torren's

         Pac 3 Missile                      HELLFIRE MISSILE
                                                                 NOW TWO  styles

Alan Zelenak's

Nike Ajax

                    Bill Koropsac's  Awesome
                    Nike-X                    ALCM Cruise Missile


ASM-1       D Region Tomahawk


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